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Our Product Range

  • Instrument transformer

    Oil Cooled Instrument Transformers

    Outdoor oil cooled instrument transformers are hermetically sealed type in construction...Read More

  • Current transformer

    Resin Cast Transformers

    MEHRU manufactures Indoor Resin Cast Current & Potential Transformers up to 36kv voltage class....Read More

  • Cvt

    Combined CTPT/CVT Units

    Mehru manufactures combined CT/PT units up to 36KV Voltage class...Read More

  • CT PT

    Low Tension CTPT/CVT

    Mehru manufactures various types of Low Tension...Read More

  • Voltage transformer

    High Voltage Test sets

    Mehru manufactures high voltage Test sets from 2.5kV to ...Read More

  • Potential transformer

    Precision Grade CT & PT / Test Benches

    Precision grade current transformers are supplied in portable...Read More