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MEHRU is a name synonymous with Quality and a force to reckon within the Instrument Transformer Industry. To further our commitment to QUALITY and RESILIENCE we bring you unparalleled service.

MEHRU through its several decades of rich experience in Instrument Transformers can help you increase the
availability and safety of your electrical assets, resulting in fewer unexpected outages and accidents. Instrument transformers though not very expensive but their unexpected failures can cost millions in lost Production, lost income, and lost customers.

MEHRU recognizes the importance of a responsive, adaptable and creative team ready to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.  Today behind every product and every action, the customer has become our sole focus and in our constant Endeavour to provide valued services to our esteemed customers we now introduce “ MEHRU CARE”, a maintenance service, routine testing at site and life assessment of Instrument transformers.

Proper testing and maintenance performed on an annual basis can uncover a problem before a unit fails. If severe damage results, replacing a transformer can take several weeks resulting in serious financial and productivity losses.

The key to eliminating these unscheduled outages is proactive testing and maintenance. Information accumulated through routine inspections and periodic testing will usually provide warning of impending service problems. Recognizing the warnings of an impending failure requires careful analysis of the records to identify significant trends or unusual behavior.

Services Offered:
  • Mobile Testing ( Our own Testing LAB is NABL accredited and we are expecting the same for our Mobile Lab very Shortly)
    • Measurement of Capacitance and Tan Delta
    • Accuracy Test
    • Dissolve Gas analysis (DGA)
    • Measurement of Insulation resistance
  • Life Expectancy Analysis
    • Determination of the remnant life of Transformers
    • Carefully recognizing the variation in Capacitance and Tan Delta
    • Dissolve Gas Analysis as per IEC 60599
    • Carry out condition monitoring and recommend condition based maintenance action.
  • Erection Testing and Commissioning of Instrument Transformers
    • Proper erection and commissioning of transformers for long life and trouble free operations
    • MEHRU has a dedicated team of engineers engaged in erection, testing and commissioning of transformers